41 Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Adults

Oct 24, 2021

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Thanksgiving is more than just a national holiday. During this time of the year, we acknowledge and honor the blessings that have been given to us, so it is only right to hold large feasts and celebrations.

In addition to our festive dinners, we also try our best to prepare beforehand by decorating our homes and inviting our loved ones.

In this article, we’d like to help you deal with that preparation. We have collected a number of Thanksgiving coloring pages that you can use as wall designs or invitations.

Even if you aren’t planning a big get-together, these pages can still be of use to you. Coloring is a great way to destress and relax, and can also help heal your mind, body, and soul.

Let’s check out our Thanksgiving coloring pages!

1. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving | Kids Party Works | thanksgiving coloring pages pdf

via kidspartyworks

First off, here is a simple yet lovely “Happy Thanksgiving” coloring sheet you can use either as wall decor or a gift card for your loved ones. It is rather easy to color, but since it fills the whole page, it will surely demonstrate your creativity.

2. Doodle Your Thanks

Doodle Your Thanks | Kids Party Works | thanksgiving activity pages

via kidspartyworks

This design is perfect for adults who like doodling and drawing. If you are in the mood, you might want to try copying it or drawing inspiration from it and making your own. Then color the page and enjoy a happy, warm Thanksgiving Day with your friends and family.

3. Harvest Time

Harvest Time | Kids Party Works | thanksgiving coloring pages for adults

via kidspartyworks

This coloring sheet is simple enough that kids can easily color it, and we chose it to give you something you can do with your kids at home. You can also use this sheet as a Thanksgiving card for your loved ones.

4. Turkey Foliage

Turkey Foliage | Crayola | easy thanksgiving coloring pages

via Crayola

Turkeys are native to North America and symbolize prosperity. Some historians even believe that turkeys are a more suitable national bird than the bald eagle since they have long been used during Thanksgiving. The holiday is simply not complete without a turkey.

5. Turkey Mandala

Turkey Mandala | A to Z Teacher Stuff | detailed thanksgiving coloring pages

via printables.atozteacherstuff

Here is another turkey for you to color. It is more detailed than the previous one and is perfect for those who like intricate designs. The link above redirects you to a PDF page where you can directly download the file.

6. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving | Paper Trail Design | disney thanksgiving coloring pages

via papertraildesign

Thanksgiving Day lies within autumn, so here is a coloring page that represents both the holiday and the season. It isn’t too difficult, so your kids are sure to have a great time coloring it as well. They can enjoy a fun coloring activity with the rest of the family while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner.

7. Give Thanks

Give Thanks | Ministry to Children | crayola thanksgiving coloring pagesthanksgiving coloring pages for adults

via ministry-to-children

Here is another coloring page that relates to both Thanksgiving and the autumn season. You can color it along with the previous image before Thanksgiving dinner.

8. Harvest Season

Harvest Season | The Spruce Crafts | thanksgiving coloring pages pdf

via thesprucecrafts

We celebrate Thanksgiving because we are grateful for the year’s harvest. This coloring page is perfect for sharing with your friends and family on Thanksgiving.

9. Thanksgiving Doodle

Thanksgiving Doodle | The Spruce Crafts | thanksgiving coloring pages for toddlers

via thesprucecrafts

This doodle doesn’t only feature turkeys and the harvest, it also has other symbols of Thanksgiving, such as wine and pumpkins. We’re pretty sure that this doodle will catch your children’s attention, even if it may be a bit challenging for them.

10. Cornucopia Full of Fruit

Cornucopia Full of Fruit | Just Color | thanksgiving coloring pages disney

via justcolor

A cornucopia full of fruit symbolizes that the harvest for that year has been plentiful. To celebrate your blessings, a warm and happy Thanksgiving dinner is a must. Here is a coloring page you can use to help you celebrate!

11. Turkey with Pumpkins on the Head

Turkey with Pumpkins on the Head | Just Color | thanksgiving coloring pages easy

via justcolor

It is very easy to download coloring pages from this site. Just click the green “download” button and it will automatically download the file. You can also print the page directly or pin it on your online platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Have fun coloring this silly turkey with pumpkins on its head!

12. Intricate Patterned Harvest Doodle

Intricate Patterned Harvest Doodle | Homemade Gifts Easy | thanksgiving coloring pages by number

via homemade-gifts-easy

We really like this one and think that most adults will enjoy coloring it. It is so detailed that you will forget everything that has been stressing you out.

13. Thanksgiving Square Doodle

Thanksgiving Square Doodle | Just Color | thanksgiving coloring pages online

via justcolor

Yet another intricate design, this Thanksgiving doodle was hand-drawn by artist Olga Kostenko. You can download it for free from the site, but make sure to give credit to the artist who put all her hard work into it.

14. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Day | Just Color | thanksgiving coloring pages for adults free

via justcolor

In addition to coloring, you can use this sheet for your Thanksgiving cards. It is both simple and complicated at the same time. We think it’s great for adults, older kids, and elderly people who can still hold their pens firmly.

15. Thanksgiving Stuff

Thanksgiving Stuff | Just Color | thanksgiving coloring pages turkey

via justcolor

Here we have all the stuff that usually symbolizes Thanksgiving—the turkey, the pumpkin, the hat, and the harvest. You can also use this image for your Thanksgiving cards.

16. The First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving | Just Color | free thanksgiving coloring pages

via justcolor

The very first Thanksgiving is considered to have been celebrated in 1621 after the Pilgrims acquired their first harvest in the New World. This is a good opportunity for your kids to learn, so why not take this chance to color with them while discussing history.

17. Thanksgiving is a Happy Day!

via towson4onthe4th

Here is another Thanksgiving Day doodle that you and your children can color while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner.

18. Harvest Food

Harvest Food | Homemade Gifts Easy | cute thanksgiving coloring pages

via homemade-gifts-easy

If you are looking for something simple yet challenging, this image might just be perfect. Enjoy coloring it while enjoying the real food on the table.

19. Thanksgiving Fall Leaves

Thanksgiving Fall Leaves | Homemade Gifts Easy | disney thanksgiving coloring pages

via homemade-gifts-easy

Here is another crossover image related to both fall and Thanksgiving. It is rather simple, so it is easy to color. You can do it with the kids or older folks at home.

20. Thanksgiving Wreath

Thanksgiving Wreath | Homemade Gifts Easy | charlie brown thanksgiving coloring pages

via homemade-gifts-easy

This Thanksgiving wreath is easy to color and the perfect design to paste into a card or hang on your wall.

21. Turkey with Cornucopia

Turkey with Cornucopia | Homemade Gifts Easy | free thanksgiving coloring pages for adults

via homemade-gifts-easy

Here is a rather difficult design that features a turkey carrying a cornucopia full of fruits and veggies. You might want to use a bunch of different colors to make it vibrant and lively.

22. Thanksgiving Various Patterns

Thanksgiving Various Patterns | Sculptologie | mickey mouse thanksgiving coloring pages

via sculptologie

At first glance, this design seems to be a one-page coloring sheet—but it has spaces that allow you to cut each image. Whether you like it as is or want to cut it into a number of different pieces, you will surely enjoy coloring it.

23. Exodus 3:8

Exodus 3:8 | Golfrealestateonline | turkey thanksgiving coloring pages

via golfrealestateonline

This is a Bible verse from Exodus 3:8 that talks about how good the Lord is for providing His people with a land full of milk and honey. We also need to remember to be thankful for all the blessings that God has showered upon us.

24. Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice | Coloring Home | free thanksgiving coloring pages for toddlers

via coloringhome

Here are some pumpkins and spices in a cornucopia full of wheat and flowers. Thanksgiving is a day to be grateful for an abundant harvest.

25. Thanksgiving Card

Thanksgiving Card | New Roosevelt Initiative | easy thanksgiving coloring pages

via newrooseveltinitiative

Card-making is fun activity you can do alongside coloring. With all your family members at home, why not try coloring and answering this sheet to see what everyone is thankful for.

26. Joyous Feast

Joyous Feast | Coloring Garden | thanksgiving printable coloring pages

via coloringgarden

Here is another harvest image you can color while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. It might seem easy at first, but it gets a bit challenging once you start coloring it.

27. Thank You, God!

Thank You God | Coloring life | thanksgiving food coloring pages

via coloring-life

Here we have a quote surrounded by a harvest wreath, the perfect coloring sheet to share with your friends and family members. Thanksgiving is not just a day to be thankful for the food on your table, but also a day to acknowledge the strong relationships you have with your loved ones.

28. Intricate Turkey Mandala

Intricate Turkey Mandala | Just Color | thanksgiving dinner coloring pages

via justcolor

This turkey mandala from Just Color is probably going to keep you busy until dinner time. If you are done with your chores and all the cooking, then you might as well spend your time coloring this intricate design.

29. Pumpkin Coloring

Pumpkin Coloring | Crayola | thanksgiving turkey coloring pages

via Crayola

Here is a pumpkin image from Crayola that you can print straight from the website. Just click the blue “print now” button and a pop-up will appear, leading you to the print settings.

30. Fall Blessings

Fall Blessings | Sculptologie | thanksgiving online coloring pages

via sculptologie

Don’t be deceived by this coloring sheet. It may look simple, but it is actually pretty challenging. The drawing is carefully designed to make it more stimulating.

31. Live in Gratitude

Live in Gratitude | Sculptologie | thanksgiving christian coloring pages

via sculptologie

Gratitude is one of the greatest values you can have in life. If you live in gratitude no matter what the circumstances, you will find yourself full of happiness.

32. Another Turkey Mandala

Another Turkey Mandala | Kids Press Magazine | thanksgiving mickey mouse coloring pages

via kidspressmagazine

This coloring sheet is not free to download, but it doesn’t cost too much. If you subscribe to the site’s membership plan, you can get this drawing and many others, while also helping parents, teachers, and kids across the United States and Canada.

33. Pumpkin Mandala

Pumpkin Mandala | Sunshine and Pumpkins | thanksgiving snoopy coloring pages

via sunshineandmunchkins

Pumpkins are perfect for harvest and Thanksgiving celebrations. This pumpkin mandala is recommended for adults and older kids who can color intricate designs.

34. Thanksgiving Wreath

Thanksgiving Wreath | Homemade Gifts Easy | detailed thanksgiving coloring pages

via homemade-gifts-easy

Coloring the wreath takes some focus, making it great for adults who want to destress and relax.

35. Grateful, Thankful, Blessed

Grateful Thankful Blessed | Homemade Gifts Easy | thanksgiving coloring pages for adults

via homemade-gifts-easy

Thanksgiving Day is a day to be grateful for all of the blessings that have been showered upon us. Life is happier if we remember and appreciate all the things that God has given us.

36. Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest | Coloring Pages 101 | thanksgiving coloring pages

via coloringpages101

This hand-drawn coloring page from Coloring Pages 101 gives off an old-school, countryside vibe. Imagine spending Thanksgiving in the community where you grew up, free from city hassles and pollution.

37. Be Thankful for All the Blessings

Be Thankful for All the Blessings | Coloring Pages Only | thanksgiving coloring pages disney

via coloringpagesonly

This is something that we all need to remember. In life, even if we face thousands of failures and difficulties, there is always something to be thankful for. You may not see it right now because you are overwhelmed by your problems, but soon you will realize how glorious it is to live, love, and be loved.

38. Easy Thanksgiving Doodle

Easy Thanksgiving Doodle | Homemade Gifts Easy | thanksgiving coloring pages pdf

via homemade-gifts-easy

For those who like less complicated doodles, this coloring sheet is a great option. It is nice for older kids as well, since it is a little challenging but not overly hard.

39. Table Full of Harvest

Table Full of Harvest | Coloring ToledoCity | turkey thanksgiving coloring pages

via toledocitytix

Here is a really complicated design for those who are looking for a major challenge. It might take hours to finish this, or you might even spend a day or two making it perfect!

40. Grateful, Thankful, Blessed in Circular Mandala

Grateful Thankful Blessed in Circular Mandala | Essentially Mom | cute thanksgiving coloring pages

via essentiallymom

This is another version of the “Grateful, Thankful, Blessed” coloring page, but in a circular mandala design. There are a number of versions of this quote on the Internet. You can check them out if you do a quick search.

41. Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!

Happy Thanksgiving Y all | Just Color | free thanksgiving coloring pages for adults

via justcolor

Last but definitely not least, this Happy Thanksgiving coloring page makes a great greeting card for your friends and family members. 

Final Words

Thanksgiving is a day to relax, unwind, and be thankful for the things that have been given to you. It is a special day when you can spend time with the ones you love in the comfort of your home.

We hope that the Thanksgiving coloring pages we shared above were able to inspire you as you plan your Thanksgiving celebration. Be merry and live your life in gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

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