A Five Min Writing Challenge

Nov 18, 2021

Thank you for having a look at this blog post! Hola, and greetings from Mexico!(or whatever time of day it is for you). I'm listening to some extremely good jazz from an album Esmiralda by Moeckel Schurmann Quartet. I initially became aware of them when a song of their own was used on Radio Swiss Jazz, a business totally free jazz terminal that has an application for my apple iphone. I did a search in my Songs and found the album.

The function of this 5 min writing challenge is to do something that you may not have actually done in the past. (Leaving out social media sites publishing - and also your 5 minute writing is private -no one is mosting likely to review it).

To experience your very own writing can be like a dancing. Perhaps it is a poem, or a narrative, or random thoughts and feelings that come up in the minute. It is planned to be a kind of stream of consciousness. Do not let your mind obstruct of just moving with the words.

Possibly blog about your experience of 2020, and what has been hard to reveal on social networks or perhaps to friends.  This can additionally be a restorative experience, a release of energy that might not have actually been shared yet.

And when you are done be grateful that you have completed the exercise. If you did not go the complete 5 mins no concerns.

Maybe you have some new ideas or insights that came out.

Notification any resistance to continuing, and also holding you back from finishing this.

You make a decision whether you will certainly compose freehand with a pen or on a Word doc. You decide what to cover or to just allow it move. You determine to quit prior to 5 minutes are up or go much longer. No regulations, simply suggestions.The difficulty is 1

)to accept the challenge! 2 )if you can devote to five mins non-stop 3)if it makes a distinction in your life experience, if even for a couple of minutes in the day Right here are some examples of my own writing with a timer for

five minutes.1) I simply started my timer and also am paying attention to wonderful jazz...

I especially like the rolling bass in a jazz triad... nevertheless my really favorite is jazz piano ... those 2 incorporated are sweet to listen to... also with a muted trumpet as well as some fundamental percussion. Vocal jazz with songs can be motivating relying on what your preferences are or your choices I'm thinking of Diana Krall Stay In Paris )Simply glanced at the time as well as there is 2 minutes 48 seconds left so I keep on ... this year 2020 has been insane ... on many levels... we have discovered so much about a brand-new experience of a pandemic, concerning the unfavorable manipulation of media, divisiveness and polarization to the factor of losing relationships, mystical hidden agendas and corruption ... the hazard of modern technology using us rather than being made use of exclusively as a device... the opportunity of an unusual agenda ... ... primarily, much of what was hidden or unknown coming to light... and that can be shocking and also my 5 mins are up. 2)In April 2020 right when the pandemic and lockdowns were most extreme, I mosted likely to China as well as hung out with some residents in the rural

locations, found out about an interesting spiritual group -the Fulan Gong - that practices meditation and Qi Gong and that has countless fans, and a farmer that took on the CCP - Chinese Communist party and also sued them in a cumulative team activity versus unjust taxes. Yes, it was just in a publication yet after reading it I felt like I had traveled there and also was connecting with these 3 heroes whose stories were explained thoroughly by the Pultitzer Reward winning author. Certainly the issue that we have is not with the Chinese individuals, yet with the Chinese government, Chinese Communist Party, and also their misuse of civils rights, exactly how they handled the infection, what is their agenda for regulating the world via advanced AI and modern technology that has been weaponized? In this one above I caught myself doing some fast corrections of typos or spelling ... the writing is public as it will certainly be if you approve the challenge as well as attempt it. 3)I simply started watching the docudrama The Social Issue, and also after only twenty minutes right into the 90 minute length I am in a state of light shock and also temper. Partial looter -Yes I recognized that Facebook and tech firms can have"your data "to utilize 

in a kind of study to establish advertising ideas and so on. I did not recognize exactly how very closely they check me with every click, comment, like, or searching background in Google. What was a real estate check was not that social media was a tool for far better link yet additionally that we were the tools for advertising and marketing objectives. Designers tweak the formulas to control as well as attempt to control and persuade us so that we act and also engage even unconsciously without also recognizing we are being adjusted. The docudrama is a have to watch for everybody who makes use of Facebook. It's on Netflix. So whether you make a decision to accept the 5 min writing challenge or otherwise, I wish that you are secure and also healthy, as well as solid in this difficult time.I never recognize who checks out these blog posts so if you read this can you send me a message on Messenger with responses? Or whatsapp. 

? Carpe diem -seize the day. Make your life remarkable. The "Carpe Diem "scene from Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams:

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