Motion, Stillness, and Insight: My 3 Everyday Non-Negotiables for a Busy World

Oct 8, 2021

"Place yourself at the top of your to-do list every day and the rest will form." ~ Unidentified

We live in a busy globe. There is always something, or somebody, fighting for our attention. It's easy to really feel overloaded. It's simple to shed the moment we require for ourselves. The white area in our days is often the initial point to get squeezed out as needs on our time rise.

To battle this pull to overwhelm, I decided to develop a listing of day-to-day non-negotiables.

Having a checklist of non-negotiables ways I reach manage at the very least a portion of my day. I can ensure a few of what is very important to me, keeps its space when every little thing else is at risk of being crowded out.

The Daily 3

My day-to-day 3, as I have coined it, consists of time for the adhering to.

  1. Movement
  2. Serenity
  3. Insight

Let's damage each down.


This is time for either an official activity technique (usually bodyweight strength job, some weights, or yoga), an informal mobility flow as well as stretching what is tight, or simply a long walk. Some days will certainly consist of a mix of all.

I think deeply in the power of a physical technique. Routine motion benefits the mind and body. It stimulates and nurtures us. It can also enhance our mood, decrease chronic pain, as well as help us sleep better in the evening. All good reasons to make activity a priority in our days.

And this time does not have to be something we dread, like an early morning journey to the gym (directly, I love these). We can additionally introduce an element of play. Uncovering movement on a much deeper level. Finding that childish quality of simply enjoying remaining in our bodies as well as seeing what they can do, whether that means dance, rolling, hula hooping, playing frisbee, or diminishing a hillside, arms smacking, like we did as children.

There are many methods, we can choose what works best for us however additionally experiment, peppering our day with mini-movement breaks.


Time to mirror, to consider. Time to take in. Time to reset and also restore. Time to be.

Some will certainly utilize this time around for a seated meditation. I favor long strolls (which, together with composing as well as yoga, are as close as I reach a formal meditation method).

This is likewise my time for listening to songs. Music settles my mind on the busiest of days, bringing me back to myself. For others, it may have the reverse impact, however this benefits me.

Less often this space will additionally indicate time for a more indulgent self-care routine (massage therapy, sauna, heavy steam, and so on). Time to turn off as well as be spoiled. Most of us are worthy of some pampering periodically.

Time in serenity can commonly suggest thinking about how I can be of service to others as well as the globe around me in some small but significant means. This could be a random act of compassion or something extra considerable. While self-care and time inside our very own heads is very important, so is time invested believing on exactly how we can make the globe a little much better for those around us.

This is also the moment for a gratitude practice. Thinking of one to 3 points I'm thankful for today. Big or tiny, they all matter.

Making space for a gratitude technique is among one of the most effective modifications any individual can make to their lives. It shifts the lens where we see the globe. When we really feel gratefulness, true recognition and delight for something, it's difficult to remain in an adverse space. When I consider being thankful for something (or somebody), my mind gets rid of, it concentrates simply as well as simply on the act of being happy.

Too often in life, our mind wishes to zig as well as zag. Striving for the following point as well as the next. Planning and outlining in advance. Residence on the negative, what we are missing out on, what we did incorrect, just how much we are from our goals, just how we managed a circumstance in a less than optimum way. This adverse predisposition as well as future-creep does not serve us well. We endure.

Rather, we need to be a little kinder to ourselves and also remove from our expectations of what could or must be. Making time in our day for stillness acts as an anchor to bring us back to ourselves. It's basing.


Time to discover something brand-new or dig deeper into a location of interest.

This will usually involve analysis (or re-reading) a publication, paying attention to a podcast, or listening to a person wise.

In some cases it could be a flow from a favored book I return to or a quote that talks with me. I accumulate quotes for my writing, yet there are numerous preferred ones I go back to over and also over. They constantly offer me with ideas as well as give energy.

This can additionally be time to go deeper on a subject in an extra large means. A course, workshop, or a long time with a coach of some type. Increasing down on a subject we are enthusiastic about. Purchasing our expertise.

Why Have a Listing of Non-Negotiables?

Your non-negotiables might be various than mine, depending upon your requirements and also values. Regardless, this technique ensures we focus on the things that offer us (or we need) amongst other top priorities. Creating them down as well as having them in our mind's eye maintains them present.

This can be time for self-development and also self-care. Time to expand, time to reset, time to reflect. Time to decrease.

This is positive gas that we can operate on. A structure to release from.

Why Daily?

A daily frequency is especially essential when developing a new behavior. When instilled you might desire to change to a less regular technique.

A better inquiry may be; if it's important, why not daily?

Why Three?

Due to the fact that it's few or as well few. 3 is doable. You may like extra, or less, if you offer a similar method a correct go. Experiment and also maintain what benefit you. As my instances have actually revealed, I have been liberal in what my three incorporate, I motivate you to do comparable.

The Moment Dilemma: Doing What You Can, When You Can

When life obtains hectic, it can be difficult to discover any type of leisure time in your days, specifically if you have young kids (or children) to attend, or elderly dependents that rely on you.

The good news is you can function your non-negotiables into the moment you have offered. A brief 5 mins right here or there, in between other obligations, accumulates.

If you have problem making time for half a hr of seated reflection every early morning, maybe you can reduce the stress and also instead enable 5 to 10 mins before you go to sleep (or even in bed) each evening rather. Or use a reflection application on your phone for your day while walking from job to home. As I create this, in our residence, we are currently trying out some Yoga exercise Nidra time right before bed.

You can also look for possibilities to integrate several of these non-negotiables with your various other day-to-day tasks-- as an example, dance with your kids so you get the benefits of movement while bonding with your kids.

The essential thing is that we make at least time for points that are necessary to us as well as for us, a promise to ourselves and kind of self-care. Some days we might have more time, some days less.

There is no appropriate way to do this. We all function where we are and with what we have. These non-negotiable elements should add to the top quality of our lives, not develop an added stress factor.

So long as we make a little time for things that nurture as well as invigorate us, we will profit.

Experiment, make your own list of everyday non-negotiables, and feel the power of this easy routine.

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