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301 Rumi Quotes – Why You Can’t Help But Enjoy Rumi Quotes

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Rumi Quotes


Rumi Quotes

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī more popularly simply as Rumi (30 September 1207 – 17 December 1273), was a 13th-century Persian Sunni Muslim poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic.  Here is the definitive list of Rumi Quotes

The ecstatic poems of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, a Persian poet and Sufi master born 811 years ago in 1207, have sold millions of copies in recent years, making him the most popular poet in the US. Globally, his fans are legion.

Rumi’s influence transcends national borders and ethnic divisions: Iranians, Tajiks, Turks, Greeks, Pashtuns, other Central Asian Muslims, and the Muslims of South Asia have greatly appreciated his spiritual legacy for the past seven centuries. His poems have been widely translated into many of the world’s languages and transposed into various formats. Rumi has been described as the “most popular poet” and the “best selling poet” in the United States.

Rumi Love Quotes

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“The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”

“Whenever we manage to love expectations, calculations, negotiations, we are indeed in heaven.”

“You will learn by reading, but you will understand with love.”


“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.”

“Love is the whole thing we are only pieces.”

“A thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home.”

“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.”

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere they’re in each other all along.”

“You cannot hide love, love will get on its way to the heart of someone you love far or near, it goes home to where it belongs to the heart of lovers.”

“Through Love all that is bitter will be sweet, Through Love all that is copper will be gold, Through Love all dregs will become wine, through Love all pain will turn to medicine.”

“You left and I cried tears of blood. My sorrow grows. It’s not just that you left. But when you left my eyes went with you. Now, how will I cry?”

“Love is a river. Drink from it.”

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

“The heart has its own language. The heart knows a hundred thousand ways to speak.”

“Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life’s search for love and wisdom.”

“The heart is cooking a pot of food for you. Be patient until it is cooked.”

“In your light I learn”

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“That which God said to the rose, and caused it ot laugh in full-blown beauty, he said to my  heart, and made it a hundred times more beautiful.”

“Love rests on no foundation. It is an endless ocean, with no beginning or end.”

“Water, stories, the body, all the things we do, are mediums that hid and show what’s hidden.”

“This is what love does and continues to do. It tastes like honey to adults and milk to children.”

Rumi Quotes on Love

“Plant the love of the holy ones within your spirit; don’t give your heart to anything, but the love of those hearts are glad.”

“Love is not an emotion, it’s your very existence.”

“I would love to kiss you. The price of kissing is your life.”

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”

“Love is an emerald. Its brilliant light wards off dragons on this treacherous path.”

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”

“There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground; there are a thousand ways to go home again.”

“The gifts of lovers to one another are, in respect to love, nothing but forms; yet, they testify to invisible love.”

“Plant the love of the holy ones within your spirit; don’t give your heart to anything, but the love of those whose hearts are glad.”

“There is an invisible strength within us; when it recognizes two opposing objects of desire, it grows stronger.”

“I have seen the king with a face of Glory, He who is the eye and the sun of heaven, he who is the companion and healer of all beings, He who is the soul and the universe that births souls.”

“Beg of God the removal of envy, that God may deliver your from externals, and bestow upon you an inward occupation, which will absorb you so that your attention is not drawn away”

“The way the Beloved can fit in my heart two thousand lives could fit in his body of mine. one kernel could contain a thousand bushels, and a hundred worlds pass through the eye of the needle.”

“This is the essence of all sciences – that you should know you will be when the day of reckoning arrives”

A Great Motivation – There’s No Better Time To Be Happy Than Right Now!

“What shall I say, o Muslims, i know not myself, i am neither a christian, nor a jew, nor a Zoroastrian, nor a Muslim.”

“If you find the mirror of the heart dull, the rust has not been cleared from its face.”

“Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. someone fills the cup in front of us: we taste only  sacredness.”

“However much I might try to expound or explain love, when i come to love itself, i am ashamed of my explanations… love alone can explain the mysteries of love and lovers.”

“I have no companion but love, no beginning, no end, no dawn. the soul calls from within me: ‘You, ignorant of the way of love, set me free.”

“When someone beats a rug, the blows are not against the, but against the dust in it.”

“Woman is a ray of God. She is not that earthly beloved: she is creative, not created.”

“We are born of love; Love is our mother”

“The mountain I first heard love I gave up my soul, my heart, and my eyes.”

“That which is false troubles the heart, but truth brings joyous tranquility.”

“Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.”

“May this marriage be full of laughter, our every day in paradise”

“May these vows and this marriage be blessed.”

“Love will find its way through all languages on its own.”

“Let the beauty of what  you love be what you do.”

Collection of 201 Healing Quotes to Lighten your Heart

“I am neither of the East nor of the West, no boundaries exist within my breast.”

“Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees.”

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work ha s been put in every heart.”



“You know the value of every article of merchandise, but if you don’e know the value of your own soul, it’s all foolishness.”

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”

“You’ve come to know the fortunate and the inauspicious stars, but you don’t know whether you yourself are fortunate or lucky.”

Rumi Quotes on Life

“It may be that the satisfaction I need depends on my going away, so that when I’ve gone and come back, I’ll find it at home”

 “But listen to me. For one moment quit being sad. Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you.”

“When I die, I shall soar with angels, and when I die to the angels, what I shall become you cannot imagine.”

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.”

“Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon; how much it can fill your room depends on its windows.”

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

“Anyone who knows me, should learn to know me again; For I am like the Moon, you will see me with new face everyday.”

“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.”

rumi quotes

“Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.”

rumi quote

“You have seen your own strength. You have seen your own beauty. You have seen your golden wings. Why do you worry?”

rumi quotes



“When I am with you, everything is prayer.”


“Oh, bird of my soul, fly away for now, for I possess a hundred fortified towers.”

rumi quotes

“That which is false troubles the heart, but truth brings joyous tranquility.”

rumi quotes to inspire

“Love is the house of God and you are living in that house.”

“The way you make love is the way God will be with you.”

“Your depression is connected to your insolence and refusal to praise.”

“Love is an open secret, the most obvious thing in the world and the most hidden with no why to how it keeps its mystery.”

“In your light I learn how to love.”

“And so it is, that both the Devil and the angelic Spirit present Us with objects of desire to awaken our power of choice.”

rumi quotes

“If you want to be more alive, love is the truest health.”

“Sometimes you hear a voice through the door calling you… This turning toward what you deeply love saves you.”

“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest, where no one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that light becomes this art.”

A Better Way To See the Goodness in Others

“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.”

“A thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home.”


“Gamble everything for love, if you are a true human being. If not, leave this gathering. Half-heartedness doesn’t reach into majesty.”

“Listen! Clam up your month and be silent like an oyster shell, for that tongue of yours is the enemy of the soul, my friend. When the lips are silent, the heart has a hundred tongues.”

“Love is the house of God and you are living in that house.”

“Sunlight fell upon the wall; the wall received a borrowed splendor. Why set your heart on a piece of earth. O simple one? Seek out the source which shines forever.”

rumi love quotes

“The garden of love is green without limit and yields many fruits other than sorrow or joy. Love is beyond either condition: without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh.”

“This is love: to fly toward a secret, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.”

rumi quotes

“The moment I first heard of love I gave up my soul, my heart, and my eyes.”

Wise Life Lessons: Rumi Quote’s.

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111 Beautiful Atticus Quotes




Atticus Quotes atticus poetry

Atticus Quotes

Who is Atticus the poet?

Atticus quotes are a modern day love story in bit size chunks.  These quotes by atticus are inspiring and uplifting, for those in love or those that have been in love.  We have capture a large collection of  his poems you know and love, and some you have yet to discover.

Seems everyone apparently loves atticus, the “anonymous” instagram poet whose fans include Emma Roberts and Karlie Kloss. Atticus (in photos and videos he appears to be male, but has never divulged an identity) has more than 1.4 million followers on the platform, where he posts short poems and observations on life.

Atticus was born in the pacific northwest. He credits his mother with introducing him to poetry at a young age; however, he didn’t begin writing until he was older. He began posting his atticus poetry online in 2013.

Atticus, is a mysterious poet found primarily on social media, has a way of taking his/her followers along for a ride on an emotional rollercoaster. In just a few words, most of which are written in typewriter font in front of a plain background, we feel the pain, love, and curiosity he/she is feeling. Atticus quotes, work is enough to make your soul feel alive or at least it is for me. It has been shared and followed by over 1.4 million people including Karlie Kloss and the Kardashians. Atticus’ poetry has a way of making us feel alive, alone, broken hearted and in love. And though no one really knows who the author truly is, isn’t this the point of writing, to make your readers’ emotions come to life?.

Atticus Poetry

Here is a collection of some of the best Atticus Poems, don’t forget to follow him on Instagram as well.

“I want to be with someone who dreams of doing everything in life, and nothing on a rainy Sunday afternoon.”

love her but leave her wild
“There was a whole magnificent soul burning brightly behind her shy”


“A soul mate would be great,
but at some point
I would settle for someone who gets back to text messages”


“Don’t give up now,
chances are
your best kiss
your hardest laugh
and your greatest day
are still yet to come.”


“She found herself
over a long
and treacherous road
and the more
the road became,
the more of
she found.”


we all
must take
is to blindly
trust in
who we are.”


atticus quotes

“Walk towards the good in life and one day you will arrive”


“Have you ever looked at the stars drunk and sworn they were burning just for you?
It’s hard not to believe in magic
it’s hard not to believe in whiskey”

Atticus Poet

“She walked
through her life
from the
mighty wings
upon her back.”


atticus poetry

“She didn’t want love, she wanted to be loved and that was entirely different.”


“And the stars blinked
as they watched her carefully
jealous of the way she shone.”


“The Right
When It
Needs To”


“She sat in her perfect house,
with her perfect husband,
wishing that her perfect life
would end.”

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“Come, my darling,
it is never too late
to begin
our love again.”






“I’ll let you into my heart
but wipe your feet at the door.”


“One day I’ll paint the perfect sunset–
if I can only find the words.”


atticus poet

“She had survived his love and with the embers he left behind she lit the mighty flames of her future”


“She was too busy wishing
on shooting stars
to see the dreams
come true around her.”


“Break my heart and you will find yourself inside. ”


“She was cool—
the whole world
to spin around her
in smooth jazz.”


“Songs live longer than kingdoms. ”


to me
have always been
a pretty girl
with a sly smile
beckoning me
with a finger
down the dark path
of a fork in the road.”


“When it comes to love
we are primates breaking sticks
while pointing to our hearts.”


“I Live
My Life


“She wore the moonlight like lingerie. ”


I want a quiet life
other times
I want to go
a little bit
fucking Gatsby.”


atticus poet

“We’ve moved on now
but if
I’m honest
I am still
a little bit
in love
with the way that
we were.”


“I aspire to be
an old man
with an old wife
laughing at old jokes
from a wild youth.”


“We are all born free
and spend a lifetime
becoming slaves
to our own
false truths.”


“She was everything real in a world of make-believe. ”


“There’s too much risk in loving,’
the young boy said,
said the old man,
‘there’s too much risk in not.”


love her but leave her wild

“To a poet, the broken flowers bloom the brightest.”


“We were strange in love
her and I
too wild to last
too rare to die.”


“Don’t worry—
you see,
to some you are magic.”


“It’s a
a breakable


“Art takes time—
Monet grew his gardens
before he painted them.”


“As he took her hand
he gave her
all she had been
waiting for–
a shiver
down her spine.”


atticus poet

“There’s always a glimmer in those who have been through the dark.”


“A few drinks and the world was hers—
she wore her whiskey like a loaded gun.”


“I just need you and some sunsets. ”


“We humans
are so tortured
by not properly guessing
what will make us happy.”


“You and I
will be
lost and found
a thousand times
along this
road of us.”


“Don’t ask her to be a rock
for you to lean upon
instead, build her wings
and point her to the sky
and she will teach you both to fly.”


“The prettiest girls shine brightest in the dark. ”


My atoms love you atoms, it’s chemistry. ”


“Life Is
A Journey
To Find
Like You.”


And We’d


“The beautiful thing
about young love
is the truth
in our hearts
that it will last forever.”


“Put a girl in
and tell only truths
and every man
becomes a poet.”


“Adventure runs on all sorts of whiskey. ”


“She wore his love like a loaded gun. ”


“A sky
of stars
and he
was staring
at her.”


“We just want the world to love the little monsters that we are.”


“She wasn’t scared to walk away, she was scared he wouldn’t follow.”


love her but leave her wild

“Silly girl, your different was your beautiful all along.”


“She knew she was really sad when she stopped loving the things she loved.”


“From the moment I saw her I knew this one was worth a broken heart.”


“Do not fall in love with me, for I will break your heart, long before you realize, you were going to break mine.”

Enjoying these Atticus love quotes, then you should check out the wonderful Love Quotes from Rumi

“The hardest step we all must take is blindly trust in who we are.”


“There are magnets in my bones for that iron in her blood.”


“Keep your head up, he said, you are a lion, don’t forget that and neither will the sheep.”


“She had the whisky licking, skinny dipping smile.”


“Some nights you drink tea, some nights you drink whisky.”


“Find someone and live in awe of them.”


“I’ll love you, but just this twice.”


“There is always a glimmer in those who have been through the dark.”


“I made her go because I knew she could do better and now I wonder if I should have just been better.”


“Boys learn too late that being the man, is not the same thing as being a man.”


“What a strange world, we trade our days for things.”


“The was her magic, she could still see the sunset even on those darkest days.”


“Her heart was wild, but I didn’t want to catch it, I wanted to run with it, to set me free.”


“A soul mate would be great, but at some point I’d settle for someone who gets back to text messages.”


“She was powerful not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly despite the fear.”


“We all wear scars, find someone who makes yours feel beautiful.”


“I don’t believe in magic,” the young boy said, the old man smiled, “you will, when you see her.”


“I’ve spent a life chasing stories to tell when I’m old.”


“Don’t give up now, chance are your best kiss your hardest laugh and your greatest day are still yet to come.”


“He was the one that healed her, that made her scars feel beautiful.”


“It sometime takes a long time and a hard time to realize he just doesn’t deserve your you.”


“The world is made up of too many girls wondering if they are pretty and too many boys too shy to tell them.”


“It’s always safe to do nothing when it rains.”


“It’s a lonely thing protecting a breakable heart.”


“I think there is something broken in our generation, there are so many sad eyes on happy faces.”


“I am not perfect for you, but I will always imperfectly try to be.”


atticus poet

“There will always be
that moment
when we look at someone
for the first time
in love with them.”


“To a poet every curve of her was a well place word.”


“We are made of all those who have built and broken us.”


“She conquered her demons and wore her scars like wings. ”


“I think it’s beautiful
the way you sparkle
when you talk about
the things you love.”


atticus poems

“Love Her but leave her wild.”


“Watch carefully
the magic that occurs
when you give a person
enough comfort
to just be themselves.”


“I hope to arrive at my death, late, in love, and a little drunk. ”


“There is nothing
prettier in the
whole wide world
than a girl
in love
with every breath she takes.”


“A sky
of stars
and he
was staring
at her.”


“She was afraid of heights
but she was
much more afraid
of never flying.”


“It was her chaos that made her beautiful. ”


atticus poetry

“Her courage was her crown and she wore it like a queen”


“I worry there is something broken in our generation,
there are too many sad eyes on happy faces.”


“She had just enough madness to make her interesting”


“Depression is being colorblind and constantly told how colorful the world is.”


“Love her but leave her wild ”


“What good are wings without the courage to fly?”


“She wasn’t looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword. ”


atticus quotes

“That was her magic—
she could still see
the sunset
even on those
darkest days.”


atticus poetry

“Chase your stars fool, life is short. ”


the moment
I saw her
I knew
this one
was worth


“Brushing a girl’s hair
behind her ear
once a day
will solve more problems
than all those
and drugs.”


“I let her go
because I knew she could do better
and now she’s gone
I wonder
if I should’ve
just been better.”


“Time is all we have and don’t. ”


“I will follow you,
my love,
to the edge of all our days,
to our very last


“It was never the way she looked
always the way she was
I would have fallen in love with her
with my eyes closed.”


“I have seen your
darkest nights
and brightest days
and I want you to know
that I will be here
loving you
in dusk.”




will always
a glimmer
in those
who have been
through the dark.”


“True art
from flying
with the madness
so close
you burn
your eyelashes.”


“We are never alone
We are all wolves
Howling to the same moon.”


“Thinking of you is a poison I drink often.”


“Poetry, is a life long war waged
against ineffable beauty.”


“Break my heart and you will find yourself inside.”


“I feel like girls who drink whisky tell good stories.”


“She was always wild but he had made her free.”


“You are enough, a thousand times enough.”


“Don’t find her and lose you. Find her to find you.”


“I hope to arrive at my death, late, in love, and a little drunk.”

atticus quotes

“Don’t be scared to change the prince’s name in your story.”


“We are all wolves, howling to the same moon.”


“She was not for everyone but she was for me.”


“Songs live longer than kingdoms.”


“The prettiest girls shine brightest in the dark.”


“Time is all we have and don’t.”


“She wore his love like a loaded gun.”


“My atoms love your atoms, it’s chemistry.”


“Adventure runs on all sorts of whiskey.”


“Just enough madness to make her interesting”


“She wore compliments like diamonds.”


love her but leave her wild

“You deserve to be the person you were meant to be.”


“It was her chaos that made her beautiful.”

Atticus Quotes

“Love could be labeled poison and we’d drink it anyways.”


“I just need you and some sunsets.”


“The truth is sometimes you can both do better.”

a strange
trade our days
for things.”


“She was not for everyone but she was for me. ”


“Thinking of you is a poison I drink often. ”


“She was another broken doll dreaming of a boy with glue. ”


atticus quotes

“Life is the art of pretending to be normal”

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11 Steps To Solving ANY Problem

Bernd Kohler



11 Steps To Solving ANY Problem

The strategies and techniques I’m about to share with you worked really well for me, at a time when I was broke, lonely, homeless, and… very depressed.

This sad state of affairs occurred between December 2003 – when I lost my job, broke up with my long-term girlfriend, found myself $12,000 in debt, out on the street because I was unable to pay rent… – and April 2004, when I finally could afford a (very modest) place to stay, and started getting my life back in order.

During that time, I had the good fortune of coming across a half-hour audio program by Anthony Robbins, America’s leading ‘success coach’ (I strongly recommend you attending his seminars – check out, called “How To Solve Problems Quickly & Effectively”.

By applying this personal development material that I am about to share with you, I managed to take my ‘problems’ – that I consequently termed ‘challenges’ – and turned them into an opportunity.

The 11 Steps To Handling Any Problem Quickly & Effectively

1. Change the meaning you associate to ‘problems’.

11 Steps To Solving ANY Problem

First and foremost, you need to change your whole attitude towards ‘problems’!
Change what meaning you attach to them, turn them into an opportunity to expand, grow, and to discover a lesson that’s begging to be learned!

DON’T get all upset and start ranting and raving… “How come this £*&%$ ALWAYS happens to me!?” When you are angry, chances are, you are not operating at the peak of your resourcefulness…

When you are upset, what you’re actually doing is focusing on the PROBLEM… instead of working on the SOLUTION.


2. Know what you want – Know your outcome

11 Steps To Solving ANY Problem

Clarity is POWER.

What do you REALLY want to happen now?

Write down clearly how you want things to turn out. For example, you could say,“By the 4th of October I have solved all my financial worries and have become a master of money, earning over $20,000 a month. I am laughing at the thought of how worried I was over things that never actually happened. I am buying my dream home and moving in with the woman of my dreams.”

Your brain is constantly screening out and deleting 99.9% of everything you perceive. Your Reticular Activating System (RAS) will bring to your attention that 0.01% that your brain feels is important.

The way you can get your RAS to work for you in an empowering way… is by setting GOALS.

When you write down a goal, you are in fact sending a clear order to your brain that


3. Change the questions you ask yourself about ‘problems’

11 Steps To Solving ANY Problem

When you ask yourself questions like…
-‘Why does this always happen to me?!!’
-‘How come I can’t turn this around??!!’
-‘Why did this person do this to me??!!!’

… Well, you feel like you are no longer in control, and this just drives you crazy – you are NOT in a state to utilize all your mental resources rationally and with clarity.

Instead, you could ask yourself…
-‘How can I turn this situation around quickly and effectively and have fun in the process?’
-‘What’s actually funny about this?’
-‘How can I learn from this situation? What is the lesson for me here?’
-‘What’s the potential opportunity for me here?’
-‘Will this even matter 10 years from now?’

The questions we ask ourselves determine the way we feel and the quality of solutions we come up with.

Your brain is an incredibly powerful, effective, and imaginative supercomputer that will come up with a myriad solutions TO ANY PROBLEM… if you simply ask it an effective question.

If You Haven’t Solved A Problem Yet You Simply Haven’t Asked The Right Question Yet!

4. Change the language you use when it comes to ‘problems’

11 Steps To Solving ANY Problem

Firstly, STOP using the word ‘problem’.

If your house is on fire, you’re stuck on a desert island, or your doctor has told you “The good news, is we’re going to be naming this disease after you!”… THEN you’ve got a problem.

Everything else is just an ‘inconvenience’ or a ‘character-building challenge’!

The language you use affects the EMOTIONS you experience.

Imagine driving through the desert with a rental car, 2 other people in the back, and suddenly your car breaks down.
You’re stuck, miles away from anything resembling civilization. It’s the car rental’s fault.

One says, “I’m $%&* enraged!!!”
The other says, “I’m really angry!”
And you say, “I’m annoyed. I’m peeved off.”

YOU will experience the same aggravation, but you won’t incapacitate yourself and your reasoning by putting yourself in an un-resourceful state of anger and fear.

‘Problems’ are a drag… but ‘challenges’ are an ‘opportunity’! It’s ‘exciting’!

See how that works?
Remember: every convenience we benefit from today comes from people taking ‘problems’ (say, in the 18th century, ‘We can’t trade with far-away countries because of limited means of transportation…’), seeing them as a challenge, solving it, and thus creating an opportunity for themselves and massive value for everyone else. Trains, steamboats, planes, container ships…

5. Change the way you are using your Body / Physiology

11 Steps To Solving ANY Problem

The quickest way to change the way you feel is by changing your PHYSIOLOGY.

By ‘physiology’ I mean the way you breathe, whether you’re standing tall or not (how you hold your body, how you’re moving, and even your tone of voice).

In order to solve problems… sorry, ‘challenges’… quickly and effectively, you need to put yourself in a resourceful mental state, and nothing does that FASTER than by CHANGING YOUR PHYSIOLOGY.

When we feel tired, worn out, exhausted, problems often seem more of a hurdle.What you need to do immediately is get up and START MOVING! GO FOR A RUN! GO TO THE GYM! GO FOR A WALK IN THE PARK! BREATHE DEEPLY! SHOUT ‘YES! WHILST CLAPPING YOUR HANDS WITH CONFIDENCE!’

Get that oxygen flowing through your body! Feel that surge of energy pulse through you!

6. Radical self-honesty regarding the ‘problem’

11 Steps To Solving ANY Problem

The first step to solving a problem… is admitting you have one!

Be completely honest with yourself. Don’t pretend like the problem is not there.

I told you before… this is NOT about positive thinking (although it certainly helps as well to have positive expectations about how things are going to turn out).


Be honest, see it as it is – but don’t blow it out of proportion either, and feel overwhelmed. Then visualize your desired outcome, and TAKE ACTION to make it thus. Create an ACTION PLAN (a list of actions you need to take to resolve this – then start with the first one).

7. Take responsibility

11 Steps To Solving ANY Problem

A central tenet of all personal development philosophies – and I have studied most of them – is that in order to have a wonderful life one must take complete responsibility for it and everything that happens therein.

You see, all that exists in your life, good or bad, is there because of YOUR attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, choices, and actions.

You and you alone have ‘manifested’ these situations. You have attracted these situations and people into your life, through your way of ‘being’ and your thoughts.

I know this is a really tough thing to accept, but it is fact.

The flip side to this, and really inspiring thought, is that since YOU manifested it into your life, you can equally manifest it away or manifest all the positive things you’ve ever wanted.

Until you have taken responsibility for the problem – no matter WHAT other people have done ‘to’ you – you will not be able to move on until you accept that you and you alone are responsible.

After all, who chose to go with or accept that business partner, wife, venture, investment, friend, holiday location, having kids, etc?

If you feel like, “I’M not the source of the problem, so how come I’VE got to solve it??”…
…then that will just make you angry and keep you from dealing with the situation at hand (“It’s not MY responsibility!”)

Remember, problems don’t go away until we take responsibility for them.

8. Control your mind’s focus

11 Steps To Solving ANY Problem

Your brain is NOT designed to make you ‘happy’.

It is actually a machine designed to ensure your SURVIVAL.

In fact it will blow the most minor considerations completely out of proportion TO MAKE SURE that it has brought it to your attention… in order for you to SURVIVE.

I always advise people to live more in their hearts, where their PASSION and PURPOSE lie, instead of in that FEAR-BASED MECHANISM that is our brain.

The first way to control what your mind focuses on is this:SPEND 80% OF YOUR TIME ON THE SOLUTION! Focus all your energy, your thoughts, and your time on the solution!

Secondly, make sure you ask yourself quality, empowering questions.

“How can I turn this situation around quickly and enjoy the process?”

People who seem overwhelmed by their problem are in a lousy physiology (drooped shoulders, little movement, etc.), they have a terrible attitude about it and are asking themselves disempowering questions(“How come this always happens to ME?” ), they are not being honest with themselves and they are angry with everyone else (not taking responsibility for their situation), and are spending most of their time complaining about or focusing on the problem!

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

11 Steps To Solving ANY Problem

In February 2004, I was really at the end of my rope. I hadn’t earned any income in 3 months, couldn’t find a job, and had been kicked out of my place. I moved to London, where I would sleep a couple of nights on some friend’s place floor, another 2-3 nights at another friend’s, etc.

I was so overwhelmed by my debts that they were all I could focus on. I had completely lost my appetite, and had lost over 15 pounds (I wasn’t that big to start off with…)

That was it. I needed help.

I took the un-imaginable step of ASKING for help.I side-stepped my pride – (“Pride never helps. It only hurts.”– Pulp Fiction… what a cool movie) – and sent an email out to my 300 contacts in England, explaining my situation.

Within a week I had a fantastic job offer, from a person I now am privileged to call a mentor and a friend.

Who can YOU talk to?
Who can you ask for help from?
Who do you know has gone through a similar situation?
Have you got an extended database of contacts you could email, write to, or call?

You see, there aren’t THAT many challenges a human being can face. In fact, they are all very, very common.

A health challenge, a money challenge, a job or study challenge, depression, heartbreak, bereavement…There’s ALWAYS someone out there who’s been through the same things.

You are never alone when in a tough situation.

10. Brainstorm 100 solutions

11 Steps To Solving ANY Problem

Now this is my favorite step in the process, for I am the ‘creative’ type.

Take a white sheet of paper, or write in your journal, 100 different things you could do to solve your challenge.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, write down whatever comes into your mind.

Don’t stop to analyze it.

In fact, don’t let your pen stop for 20 minutes.

Be in total creativity overdrive!Go after this challenge like it’s a prey and you are the hunter!

When you adopt that behavior, YOU are in control–not the problem.

In fact, get a group of people together and brainstorm 100 solutions together!
Come up with 100 ways to completely eradicate this challenge.

Once you’ve taught your brain the pleasure of creative problem-solving, you never go back! Your brain will forever be open to coming up with solutions.

11. Take massive, intelligent action

11 Steps To Solving ANY Problem

Ok, now’s the time. You’ve got to JUST DO IT.

You know what you’ve got to do. You’ve ALWAYS known it.

Just…Do… It

Write out your action plan, put yourself in a peak physiology, and just take that first step. Complete that first item on the list. Then the next. And the next. Until it’s done.

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I’m feel privileged to inspire you with my words. I wish you well on your journey.

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