The Motivation of an Internal Revenue Service Phone Call

Nov 3, 2021


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(note: I'm composing this while on hold waiting to speak with them )It's not a lot the inspiration of the internal revenue service by itself. It's getting through and having a favorable end result from a telephone call there. (or getting a stimulus check:-RRB-.

It's a terrible and also threatening idea of needing to call the internal revenue service for anything. However when you need to, then it needs to be done.

There is a "Taxpayer Supporter" phone number that generally is much easier to make it through. The other day after a thirty minutes delay  I had the ability to make it through (after four efforts with the main internal revenue service number), then they routed me to the right department - Balance Due - and I had a positive result from the call.

some have called from this old phone and are still eaiting to get through

Currently I am calling again as that dept. does not handle my

various other problem. Thought - should I really publish this? Who wishes to check out the IRS? That reads my blogs anyway? Well, 34,000 since I set it up, as well as 10 for my last post The Inspiration of The Hobbit. 

So if the IRS is not your preferred topic to read ... then consider this:

What has inspired you the most in your life?Do you count on

the Latin expression "Carpe Diem "? take the day?
(Do you recognize what movie it was used in by the main star?) 

DISCONNECTED - my web phone app unintentionally detached the phone call. omg ... beginning again ...  877-777-4778 "Invite to the Internal Revenue Service, National Taxpayer Advocate service"... please hold ... approximated delay time 30-60 minutes) 

If you have actually read this far, thanks for seeing!

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