We Can Not Quit Time

Jan 13, 2022

However we can "reside in the question."These days it seems as if time is speeding up, or perhaps we are simply experiencing life differently. Perhaps there is an accelerating of consciousness on a spiritual degree. Perhaps an awakening on one more level.

It just appears that the days are relocating quicker. Instantly it's noontime, as well as I have actually been going because 6 am and also the moment simply flew by. It's the same movement of time. Yet I seem to be experiencing it in a different way. My desires additionally appear to be extra intense and also have their very own "dream time." The mins as well as hours are clicking away. How we handle or regard, or spend our time is our choice and one that we can be thankful for. 

About a year ago, I had some thoughts concerning time in a way that created some representation on life. I considered the alarm system on my phone as well as noticed the stop-watch function. If you haven't seen this lately, please open up your phone clock now and have a look. When you push "begin" you see time moving in nanoseconds, and also each 2nd showing up in the third figure from the right. Those nanoseconds are relocating extremely quick. This is time-in-motion as it is happening currently. Just by considering it there could be an "aha" minute of "make every min matter"! Sometimes those milliseconds are like thoughts that simply keep streaming in non-stop. In deep reflection, it's constantly a wonderful experience when moments happen without ideas for a change. (note to self)

And also in these precious moments that we call time we are experiencing, and also experiencing extreme polarities of sights in the news, extreme pity and also blame, and perhaps a disconnection from those locations of motivation, those feelings of deep love, and also those memories of better times. It's simpler to be burnt out these days. Yet occasionally we can quit and also still treasure priceless peaceful minutes, also in the midst of mayhem, like the calm eye in the center of a typhoon.

In these priceless minutes, allow's remind ourselves of our link with a Divine Spirit, a higher power, and also an energy that goes beyond time in addition to infuses it with Being. Whatever our point of view is in this area of life, allow's also commemorate these precious moments to whatever extent works for our peace of mind as well as comfort.

It's easy to be in overload now, have you observed? One idea that I have used properly as much as feasible that allows for info to be less intrusive on my mind is "living in the question".  I also created two blogs concerning it. Below's the current one >

> Living in the Question with Inspiration

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